Saturday, November 12, 2016

HyperDocs in a Special Education Classroom

Many special education students have to take classes to get them to grade-level rather than taking elective classes that they want to take. One option that I just learned about from Kathryn Nieves's blog is to create an elective time within the child's mandatory special education class. Kathryn Nieves came up with this great idea of using google classroom for choice and personal learning through a Hyper Doc, which is a digital lesson pan that also incorporates choice in student learning. If you ask me I'm not sure how to plan a digital lesson or how to set up a HyperDoc so I had to seek some help from the internet. 

She creates tasks that a student is required to do along with tasks that they can choose to do at their own pace without due dates. By creating a variety of tasks it keeps the students engaged with different types of learning. It also makes them feel not so different from the other kids that may get to take classes that are not required but having none required projects of the child's choosing within their class. 
I didn't know anything about Hyper Doc until reading Kathryn Nieves's blog. I though it would be a google doc with a bunch of hyper links explain the project to the kids but I was wrong. 

I will definitely try to incorporate something like this in my future classroom, it is fun and engaging for students.  I hope you will give Hyper Doc a try and see how it can help in your special education classroom!! 
*I got this image from Karly Moura's Blog

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