Thursday, November 17, 2016

Why Science is for Girls

Right now in science most people see boys but there are girls out there that are and that want to be a scientist. There are many reasons why there should be more girls that go into science, but this is not to say that we are trying to eliminate the number of boys. Science isn’t something that just boys do or something that just girls should do, there needs to be a balance.
There are six key reasons why more girls should join a science career. The first two are economic reasons. One science pays well and girls shouldn’t have to miss out on that and two new innovations and inventions are being created. I believe that girls will create something that boys might not. What are we missing out on because of this? The third is equity, the male model isn’t the human model. The fourth is questions, women ask different questions than men do. This is a good thing we can go so much farther the more questions we ask. The fifth is citizenship, science informs decisions. The sixth is personal fulfillment, science is personally rewarding and girls should be able to feel that reward as well.
There are many different kinds of strategies that a teacher can do to help girls know and have what it takes to become what they want. This is focused on science at this point but many of these things can be used in the classroom with different ideas. The first is curriculum strategies to increase advancement, one example is to have real world problems that interest girls or are gender neutral. The second is Instructional strategies in increase achievement, one example is to have student centered instruction. The third is Strategies to Enhance Self-Efficacy, one example is have an environment where risk taking is encouraged and some failure expected. The fourth is strategies in increase participation, one example of this may be to have female role models that are close to the girl's age. The last strategy is young science learners, one example of this would to have non fiction books about the natural world in your classroom.
All of these things will help us to help girls know that science isn’t just for boys and that if they want to go into science they are just as welcomed as the boys. We as teachers need to help break the cycle of gender careers. Girls can go into science if they want just like boys can be nurses. This will not be an easy task to do but a necessary one.
Here is a twitter page about science for girls!
Girls can do science just as much as any boy can. Science isn't for a specific gender. 

I got this image from Hufffington Post

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